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 Spelling Error's

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Spelling Error's Empty
PostSubject: Spelling Error's   Spelling Error's EmptyMon Mar 09, 2009 11:56 am

Spelling error's are a easy thing to slip by you. I am one of the guilty party here in this to.
I would like that if you see spelling error, please don't make a song and dance about it.
It wasn't an intentional thing, it just slipped by them.
I know it happens from time to time, by most of us.

I have not seen this here and I think this is really good, but I have seen it on other site's.
And people love to Point it out and have a go at those ones that have made these mistakes. Me included.

The way I have got around this is to read my post again before posting it.
And I have gone back to read my post once posted and I have still seen that I have made mistakes.
So, please if it is full of error's just let the Moderators or Administrator's know so we can fix them.

I just wanted to put this out on here, not because it has happened here, but in has on other sites.
I'm thinking in advance and want everyone to know what I would like them to do.
And I think, I'm one of the main offenders here doing this, so please if you notice a post.
Don't make remarks about the spelling just let us know so we can edit the post.
To belittle someone openly on the forum for a few mistakes isn't what the forum wants or needs.
Thank for reading this and understanding.
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Spelling Error's
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